Firebase Budget Alerts

A guide to setting up Firebase budget alerts in Google Console and

Setting a Firebase budget is an important part of managing your usage and costs, so you don't get a surprise bill at the end of the month.

There are two ways to create Firebase budget alerts, in: Google Cloud Console or Dashboard.

If you are a user, we recommend using the budget alerts.

Create Budgets Alerts in Google Cloud Console

Budget alerts can be setup in the Google Cloud Console. These budgets aren't just for Firebase, but across all approximately 272 Google products.

Google Billing

Budgets in Google go against a billing account. Get started by going to the Google Billing and choose your billing account and on the left menu choose "Budgets & alerts". Click "+ Create Budget" in the top menu.

Setup Process

Setting up a budget and alerts is a multi-step process. You will need to repeat the process for each Firebase feature you want to track.

  • Start by naming your budget, choosing a project (note, non-Firebase projects will be listed), and selecting the product you want to track.

  • To find the Firebase products search for "Firebase",

  • Find the Firebase products by filtering for "Firebase", "Cloud Storage", or "Cloud Functions".

Important: "Cloud Firestore" is not a selectable product. If you want a budget alert for Firestore you'll need to select "Firebase", which includes all Firebase products. However, you get can setup Firestore budget alerts with

  • Next, you will need to specify your target budget amount. If you want to include your free quota limit, leave the checkbox "Include credits in cost". We suggest you do.

  • Finally, you need to create the alert and specify the thresholds to send the emails on. You can also send these to a pub/sub topic.

If you want to create a budget for a different Firebase product, you'll need to repeat the steps again.

Create Firebase Budget Alerts

Creating budget alerts in the dashboard is a one-step process. You will be emailed whenever your budget is hit.

  • Head to your Alerts in your dashboard. Scroll down to Budget Alerts.

  • For each of your Firebase project set a alert $ amount. Once the dollar amount is hit in a given month, you will be alerted via email.

  • Changes are auto saved.

You'll now get emails when a budget limit is hit. Head back to the dashboard to change or disable these alerts.

You can also set up Anomaly Detection Alerts to detect when abnormal usage occurs.

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Understanding Firebase Pricing and Costs

If you have additional question of how Firebase pricing and costs work see this article.

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