Reading the Daily Email Report

Understanding your daily usage and spend report.

Your report tracks your usage and spend metrics grouped in five sections. Your report is generated daily around 8 A.M. EST and is a summary of the previous day’s events and cost.

See Understanding Firebase Costs for more information.

pageUnderstanding Firebase Costs

Metrics Tracked

  1. Realtime Database

  2. Firestore

  3. Hosting

  4. Cloud Functions

  5. Cloud Storage

Realtime Database

Realtime Database is Firebase's original database. Firebase recommends Cloud Firestore instead of Realtime Database for most developers starting a new project. However, there are certain use cases when Realtime DB is appropriate.


Stored: The total amount of storage Realtime DB uses. The first GB is free (about 20 million chat messages), and $5/GB thereafter.

Downloaded: How much data you’ve downloaded from Realtime DB over the course of the month. The first 10 GB each month is free (about 200 millions chat messages), and $1/GB thereafter.


Firestore is a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database with live synchronization and offline support. It is great for serverless apps.


Doc Reads: The first 50k each day are free, then $0.06 for every 100k thereafter.

Doc Writes: The first 20k each day are free, then $0.18 for every 100k thereafter.

Doc Deletes:The first 20k each day are free, then $0.02 for every 100k thereafter.


Modern web hosting that includes a global CDN and a free SSL certificate for a great low-latency experience.


Stored: The first 1GB is free, then $0.026/GB thereafter.

Transferred: The first 10GB per month is free, then $0.15/GB thereafter.

Cloud Functions

Allows for custom backend code without needing to manage and scale your own servers. Functions can be triggered by events from other Google products or webhooks.


Invocations: The first 125k each month is free, then $0.40/million thereafter.

CPU Seconds: The amount of CPU cycles a month your functions use. The first 40k CPU seconds are free, then $0.01 per 1/k after.

Outbound Networking: Traffic to other Google services is free, otherwise $0.12/GB.

The estimated cost on the Firebase console Functions does not include the free tier discount. The discount will be applied at the month end on your Google Bill -> Cost Table.

Cloud Storage

Store and share content including images, audio, and video in a secure environment.


Stored: The first 5GB is free, and $0.026/GB thereafter.

Downloaded: The first 1GB per day is free, and $0.12/GB thereafter.

Upload: The first 20k operations each day is free, and $0.05/10k thereafter.

Download: The first 50k operations each day is free, and $0.004/10k thereafter.

Metrics Not Tracked

We currently do not track:

  • Firestore stored data

  • Firebase network egress

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