Reading the Weekly Summary Report

Understanding your Weekly Firebase Report

Every Monday afternoon you will receive your weekly Firebase report.

The report summarizes the past week activity, Monday through Sunday. The report includes month-to-date spend, how much was spent last week and the previous week, the service you spent the most on (e.g. Storage), and a chart detailing how much you spend each of the past four weeks.

Weekly Summary Report Example

The example above shows the summary for the week of Monday May 25th though Sunday May 31st. The user has spent $22.89 so far this month, $6.59 in the past week ending May 31st, and the largest expense was on Storage.

The chart shows how much was spent each week over the past four weeks.

If not enough data has yet been collected or there is no change in you week-over-week spend, the chart will not show.

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